We offer advice, support and bespoke solutions based upon individual requirements. Our team regularly visit schools, private homes and clinical centres providing assessments, training and other support services.

Smile Smart Technology is a family enterprise and the creator and manufacturer of the Smile Smart System Wheelchairs and Drivedeck, which has been enabling safe autonomous mobility, assessment and switch training to enhance the lives of children and adults with disabilities since 1998.

Clients & Families

Smile is a family-run business with the passion and desire to make the lives of individuals as positive and independent as possible.

The Smile team offer advice, guidance and professional assistance to patients, parent and support teams seeking our specialised knowledge.

Our fundamental aim is to maximise the potential in each individual we meet, by finding the best way to unlock it.

We offer practical help and professional services, devising holistic personal solutions to help achieve the optimum outcomes for accessing mobility, switching, controls and AAC.

Personal assessments enable individuals to establish their own goals and ambitions, as our team work alongside multi-disciplinary colleagues and families to devise the best way to realise those aims, often surpassing what was originally considered possible.


Smile Smart Technology’s use of pioneering technology helps children to thrive in school, providing them with the tools to travel safely on their own voyage of discovery.

Smile Smart Technology manufacture the well recognised teaching and assessment device, the Drivedeck and allied Smile Smart System powerchairs.

We supply a versatile range of highly tensile mounts including the full Rehadapt range for fitting onto all models of wheelchairs, tables and secure surfaces. Communication devices, tablets, switches and controls are commonly mounted items.

Clinical Professionals

Smile Smart Technology is the UK’s leading specialist in the supply and fitting of Rehadapt mounts, switches and controls for communication aid devices and the innovator of the Smile Smart System educational devices, Drivedecks and Smile Smart System powerchairs.

All Smile Smart Technology assistive products are developed in close relationship with medical bodies and current leading specialists in the field, providing access to the latest proven technology.

We offer practical support and bespoke solutions based upon individual requirements and our team regularly visit schools, clinics and homes through our fitting service.

Using 30 years experience, Smile has developed an unparalleled knowledge in this field and established a dedicated team, enabling thorough and professional assessments after accidents or negligence.

Our assessments, reports, devices and ongoing support programme aid swift settlement of legal cases in establishing an individual’s requirements for life.