Smile provide a wide range of professional services ensuring that your devices are provided at the highest quality levels and continue to be maintained to that standard, keeping you on the move and communicating with comfort.

We help source specific device solutions for your personal requirements and work with our multi-disciplinary colleagues to provide training and therapies to children and adults with disabilities. Our range of services facilitate greater independence for users to perform tasks that they wish to accomplish, by increasing, maintaining or improving their functional abilities.


We meet and assess each individual at their home, school or chosen location, before developing a specific holistic solution to suit their requirements to help achieve personal goals that may be focused upon mounting, mobility or communication.

Through individual assessments we are able to design and recommend a technical solution and if we do not have a switch or mount that addresses specific needs then we will endeavour to design something new in our workshop that will.

We assess using a Drivedeck or Smile Smart System Powerchair as appropriate. The Drivedeck is our unique assessment device, widely used in schools and specialist centres to establish the assessment of switch, control and mobility prescriptions along with developmental potential.

Mount Fitting

Smile Smart Technology are the leading UK specialists in the Rehadapt Mounting system and also manufacture custom solutions where needed, in our workshops.

We are dedicated to creating the unique configuration suitable for the individual and provide this through our unparalleled fitting service.

The Smile team travel all over the UK visiting schools, homes and specialist centres to ensure the optimum mounting solution is found every time.


To maintain a driver’s progress and momentum of training and development, powerchairs must be regularly serviced and cared for.

Tailored service plans are an important part of an individual’s future with their powerchair. We provide service, support and development programmes so that you know that you can be kept moving, keep communicating and in control of your costs long into the future.

In conjunction with personal logbooks and service checks the Smile team always find the most convenient time and place to service your powerchair, providing clear feedback and documentation.


The SMILE team train individuals to use Smile Smart System (SSS) Powerchairs and Drivedeck controls and switching, using holistic approaches to achieve the maximum potential for each person’s journey.

Smile provide regular training programmes with users and their support teams. This is an important practice, ensuring that the momentum of progress is maintained for the drivers and that high standards are met for all staff using the devices.