Smile Smart System powerchairs are standard chairs that have been provided with the unique Smile Smart System (SSS) features, including line following capacity and anti-collision sensors to create an innovative control system offering freedom and independence.

Smile Smart System controls provide a powerchair with unrivalled safety, as it facilitates autonomous movement regardless of vision levels or muscle patterns. The extensive range of adaptive switches, control devices and mounting solutions at Smile Smart Technology  enable users to complete a wide range of daily tasks with ease.




Protects the chair and the driver. Over time the bumper can be removed as driving skills improve.



Allow numerous input options with simple control selection and no need for computer programming.



Detect objects in front of the powerchair to avoid collisions and reduce damage.



Indoor and outdoor, permanent or temporary guidance system to steer the powerchair and avoid collisions.


Smile System Powerchairs are fitted with the unique Smile Smart System control features offering innovative access to freedom and independence for those with undiscovered potential.


The line following can be used as a safe pathway from which to develop switch access skills and joystick use over time, gently adapting settings as personal abilities evolve.


Smile Smart System controls provide a powerchair with unrivalled safety, as it facilitates autonomous movement regardless of visual or muscular challenges.


Anti-collision sensors and bumpers are a brilliant way to prevent damage. Fewer repairs reduces cost, limits interruption and allows more freedom & smiles.


Communication switching and controls are mounted on to Smile Smart System Powerchairs. We work extensively with all major specialist AAC device partners.


Setting targets is a great way to move towards a new skill and help remind you to take time to have fun in your powerchair


To maintain a driver’s progress and momentum of training or development, powerchairs must be regularly serviced and cared for to keep the daily fun going strong.

Service Plans

Tailored service plans are an important part of an individual’s future with their powerchair.

We provide service, support and development programmes so that you know that you can be kept moving, keep communicating and in control of your costs long into the future.

Stages of development

From the very start the Smile Smart System is there to motivate and inspire independence through safe movement. Using the SSS functions to develop skills and adapt gently over time in conjunction with professional therapy support, short term and long term aims can be reached.


Develop skills

Early years access to a Drivedeck is an essential way to help develop switching and control skills


Create solutions

A first SSS Powerchair is the best way to create a holistic solution to independence.


Develop steady practice

Bumpers and anti- collisions sensors allow steady development and practice.


Independent action

Independent decisions and actions can be made with continued peace of mind.


Personal autonomy

Autonomy and personal adaptions support independent living.

Personal Drive Prescription

Combining all the available elements of the Smile Smart System, our team are able to go that step further by creating unique mounting, switching, controls and accessory formations.

The extensive range of adaptive switches, control devices and mounting solutions at Smile Smart Technology enable users to complete a wide range of daily tasks with ease.

Many of the switches and control solutions have been developed in-house by Smile Smart Technology and our holistic approach to mounting along with a commitment to good aesthetics help us provide user-friendly solutions, all based on the feedback from users and support teams.

Adult Chairs

The huge flexibility and safety of the SSS enables Smile Smart Technology alongside their accredited professional colleagues to prescribe with accuracy what a user needs to meet their individual aims.

Due to the safety of the SSS, far more advanced switch and control elements can be combined than on standard systems as there is the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them in safety.

Childrens Chairs

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to try to be as independent as they can be.

The SSS provides that independence through key system safety elements, promoting a sense of personal security whilst also preventing damage to the powerchair and enabling fun!

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